We are Little Amigos South America, a family owned and operated business working directly with the artisan families in Ecuador. We are an Ecuadorean/American family! Veronica was born and raised in Quito, Ecuador and moved to the United States at the age of 21. Trevor was born and raised in Dana Point, Ca. An avid surfer and traveler. We met each other in 2011, fell in love and married in 2015. We now live in San Clemente, CA  with our two beautiful daughters Eva and Miranda. Together we found a passion for the arts and crafts of  Ecuador and began bringing items back to our family and friends. Originally bringing kids ponchos and sweaters for our very own 'Little Amigos' at home. Today we bring a variety of beautiful products for you and your family. Our mission is to grow together with the artisans from the different communities we work with. We believe in fair trade and the support of small family businesses. 

Trevor Traut and Vero Jervis-Traut

Also, visit our Ranch Project in Lasso, Cotopaxi Ecuador. A beautiful 50 acre property overlooking the majestic Cotopaxi. Follow Ranchos San Jose on instagram to learn more about our projects and charity within the neighboring community and the possibility to owning your own lot within.


Trevor with Cecilia (pictured below). Cecilia and her husband Alonso hand craft all of our Leather Products

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