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Aug 27 2023 Parque Historico Guayaquil

We don't often visit Guayaquil as it is a very large city and has in recent years become particularly dangerous. However, this last weekend we visited for a wedding of some close friends, The following day we decided to make the most of the long drive and head to the Parque Historico. The original historical buildings were constructed after a large fire destroyed most of the original colonial city of Guayaquil in 1896. Today the park features 3 areas, The Wildlife Area (Zoo featuring local animals such as crocodiles and a variety of colorful parrots) The Traditional Area (Historical Buildings) and the Urban Area (Modern shopping and restaurants). If you are ever in Guayaquil I definitly reccomend paying a visit.


parque historico guayaquil


Aug 21 2023 Laguna Cuicocha and Otavalo, Imbabura-

We had not visited the Artisan's in several months. We try to visit regularly despite living 9 hours away. We were overdue to say the least!  Otavalo is one of the most beautiful and efficient communities. Everybody knows everybody and all work together with the goal of growing together. The way an artisan community or a society in general should work. It was great to be back. We were traveling on a bit of a budget and decided to stay just outside of town in an adorable cozy air bnb, The Cottage Kikimba and host Myrian were amazing. Link below

Cottage Kikimba- Private house in beautiful garden - Houses for Rent in Otavalo, Imbabura Province, Ecuador - Airbnb

We are always looking to introduce new products. This adventure we had a few items in mind. A premium high end blanket and also, we wanted to re-connect with an Artisan we worked with before the pandemic. That being said, mission accomplished. We introduce or Cotacachi Premium Edition 100% Wool Blanket and re-introduce our Lema Ultra Soft Throws We hope you enjoy! Here are a few photos from the trip. Thank you,


cuicocha lagooncottage kikimba breakfastwool blanket



Aug 4 2023 - Isla de La Plata-

After living on the coast of Ecuador for nearly 4 years, we finally made the day adventure to Isla de La Plata off the coast of Manabi. Also known as the "poor man's Galapagos" (because it's much less expensive) Isla de la Plata did not disapoint! The whale watching along the 2-hour boat ride from the mainland was spectacular. We have whale watched many times before in California, however the difference in Ecuador is the close proximity you are allowed to get, and the more active behavior of the whales. They come to this region during mating season. Therefore, they are more inclined to put on a show. The males frequently jump to gain the attention of females. Definitely got our attention! On the island it itself, we arrive to anchor on a tranquil cove with a sandy white beach. The cove was filled with sea turtles and tropical fish. After a short hike to the high point of the island, we observed several species of birds and even a snake along the trail. At the top, there is a mirador where you have a panoramic view of the island accompanied by the locals (A family of Blue Footed Boobies). After a hot sweaty hike, we took a refreshing dip (or 1 hour snorkel) in the ocean back in the cove, Definitely a lot of activity for one day! The girls were sleeping the entire boat ride back to the mainland. We definitely recommend visiting Isla de La Plata if you are ever on the coast of Ecuador.


isla de la plataisla de la plata

blue footed boobies


July 4, 2023 Hacienda La Avellina-

'Hacienda La Avelina' located in Cotopaxi, Ecuador. In the same area of 'Lasso' as the more famous Haciendas' Zuleta and La Cienega. The same rich history dating back to Spanish Colonial times. We frequently visit here as it is now owned by a friend of ours (And guarded by his gentle Rottweilers). We Hope you enjoy!



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