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Little Amigos South America

Cotopaxi Dynamite Alpaca Blend Blanket

Cotopaxi Dynamite Alpaca Blend Blanket

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The 'Cotopaxi Dynamite'
If you have ever hiked 'El Cotopaxi' you have seen the incredible colors of the volcanic rocks and dirt. Red dirt from another planet contrasting with midnight black rocks. You ascend into powder white snow just past the refuge house.
The most recent 'mild' eruption that occurred a few years ago the locals say wasn't actually an eruption at all. They say it was caused by a bomb dropped from a helicopter to stop a band of marching protesters headed North to Quito.

The perfect blend of alpaca wool and recycled acrylic fibers. Just the right amount of softness and durability.

Dimensions: 90” x 79”


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