Authentic Panama, Woven, Leather and Wool Hats

Authentic Hand Woven Panama Hats. Made in Montecristi, Ecuador were the original straw hats were born centuries ago. Our Panama hats are custom made to order. You can choose everything from the size, shape, color and quality of your hat. The quality of a Panama Hat is measured by thread count. 10 grade equals 10 threads per inch. The finer the thread the higher the grade and quality. Anything over 20 Grade is considered "Fino" or the finest quality.

100% Wool water resistant Cowboy Hats. Made in Otavalo Ecuador. The quality of these hats is just incredible.You can literally put it through the ringer.  If you're hiking in the Andes, or the Australian Outback, this hat is meant to be put through the elements. 

Authentic Leather Cowboy Hats. Hand made with authentic distressed leather in Cotocachi, Ecuador. A more heavy and durable hat that will last a lifetime.